Paris-Jourdan Economics Unit

Research strategy 

PjSE’s aspiration is to advance the frontiers of knowledge through both fundamental and applied research, with a particular focus on the analysis and evaluation of public and macroeconomic policies. Its methods are drawn from mathematical modeling and/or econometric analysis. The unit produces numerous original databases in economic history, public economics or development economics.

PjSE: “A unit that is innovative in its collaborative practices” (AERES Report, 2013)

Research positioning

The research conducted at the laboratory is structured into 8 domains:

► Economic of human behavior

► Development

► Globalization, Political Economy, Trade

► Economic and Social History

► Macroeconomics

► Regulation, Environment, Market

► Economic Theory

► Labour and Public Economics

In order to overcome the limitations of certain foundational elements in the central economic paradigm of the rational actor, the “Opening Up Economics” LabEx, in which the unit is a main player, is structured along three methodological axes:

► Further exploration of the central paradigm;

► Extending it by challenging some of its foundations;

► Exploring the boundary between economics, social sciences, and cognitive sciences.

Created by the LabEx, the Public Policies Institute is now a very active unit. Finally, the laboratory’s crosscutting work in the construction of original databases that take different forms: development of special surveys, archive exploitation, participation in institutional surveys, conduct of randomized experiments, or participation in laboratory experiments.


Director: Jean-Marc Tallon
Oversight: École des Ponts ParisTech, EHESS, ENS, INRAE, CNRS, (UMR8545), Université Paris 1 Panthéon-Sorbonne