École des Ponts ParisTech has always been committed to the training of high-caliber engineers and managers ready to make an immediate contribution, with an understanding of the needs of business and an ability to meet its priorities. Its permanent goal is to tackle the economic priorities of today: innovating, improving, reducing risks, cutting costs, optimizing performance… within a dynamic of sustainable development.


There are three main strands to the cooperation between Business and School

  • Hiring: as hiring priorities become increasingly critical for companies, the need to anticipate future requirements is essential.
  • Training: initial, specialist, and lifelong training is now a fundamental priority for companies wishing to maintain their employees at the highest level throughout their careers.
  • Innovation: as an essential lever of economic development, innovation is a core strategic requirement for forward-looking companies.

We stand ready to establish long-standing bonds between Company and School of mutual benefit to all. Our partnerships include a protocol that prioritizes a spirit of initiative, constant exploration, the development of new ideas, and the role of business within the School.

Our team at École des Ponts ParisTech is at your disposal to discuss any collaboration appropriate to your company.



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