Degree Programs

Programs in business administration

Cultivate your company’s talents through a portfolio of internationally recognized programs.


  • Prepare your management to tackle challenges in a global economy,
  • Develop leadership and your network of high-potential managers,
  • Equip your professionals with essential tools for faster promotion or a change in career direction,
  • A double-degree from École des Ponts ParisTech and Fox School of Business (Philadelphia, USA) for a dual international qualification (AMBA and AACSB).


Three programs geared to the profiles of different applicants:

  • LeadTech Global Executive MBA: Paris Singapore Barcelona Silicon Valley
  • Global Executive MBA (Casablanca track, Beijing track)
  • Executive DBA

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Mastères Spécialisés® (EXECUTIVE Masters)

Develop your business by signing up for a leading-edge Mastères Spécialisés® (Advanced Masters) program in a specific sector.

16 Mastères Spécialisés® labeled by the Conférence des Grandes Écoles.


  • A degree program designed specifically to meet the needs of companies,
  • A highly international professional qualification,
  • Opportunities to recruit specialists to meet a specific need,
  • High-level training to develop the skills and the ability of your employees.


  • Partnership framework agreement,
  • Funding of student scholarships,
  • Proposals for professional thesis subject,
  • Participation in developing teaching content.

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