Executive education abroad

Ecole des Ponts ParisTech co-designs executive training programs adapted to the local socio-economic context. This customized approach is operated in partnership with universities reportedly close to the business and engineering needs of the country where they operate.

Advanced Masters in Advanced Public Action, Morocco (MAPA-M)

In changing, globalized and complex societies, Africa's challenges are immense: climate change, sustainable management of resources, food security, infrastructure and town planning ... Meeting these challenges requires the involvement of high-level, capable managers to grasp the challenges from a historical and prospective perspective, to innovate, to specify collective objectives and to achieve them through the design of effective public action and to assess their impacts.

Designed in partnership with the Mohammed VI Polytechnic University, and operated on its campus in Benguerir, the Advanced Master® of Advanced Public Action in Morocco (MAPA-M) is aimed at engineers and executives from the public service and companies, Moroccan or African.

MAPA-M website : https://www.ecoledesponts.fr/mastere-specialise-action-publique-avancee-maroc


Master International in Empresa y Políticas Públicas (MIEPP)

The Master Internacional en Empresa y Políticas Públicas (MIEPP) is a joint diploma from the Colegio de Ingenieros de Caminos, Canales y Puertos (the order of Spanish bridge and road engineers), the Universidad Internacional Menéndez Pelayo and the School des Ponts ParisTech.
Delivering 65 ECTS ​​in total, the MIEPP takes place mainly in Madrid and its main language is Spanish Castilian, although some courses are taught in English.

The MIEPP is aimed at an audience of engineers with several years of experience in business and intended to assume the responsibilities of managers of major infrastructure projects, thematic sectors or geographic areas.

MIEPP website  :  http://www.miepp.eu/


Professional Master in Transport and Urban Planning (MP-TAU)

African cities, and specifically Grand Abidjan, are experiencing a severe traffic congestion due to various factors : their sustained urban growth, the increase in the number of vehicles on the road, and weaknesses in the public transport offer. Even though, African cities are today experiencing an overall improvement in the field of urban transport such as : the improvement of road infrastructure, the development of a public transport offer ... etc. Nevertheless, mobility remains a key component of sustainable land management and constitutes an unavoidable challenge for these cities.

To take up these challenges, The Professional Master in Transport and Urban Planning (MP-TAU) which is the result of cooperation between the School des Ponts ParisTech and the National Polytechnic Institut Felix Houphouët Bobigny (Ivory Coast) and supported by the World Bank provides a high level technical and managerial training dedicated to engineers. The purpose of which is to enable learners to address and resolve all the problems linked to urban planning and transport in the Grand Abidjan Agglomeration.

MP-TAU website  : http://www.mptau.ci/index.php