Applying for non-degree exchange mobility


Non-degree mobility

Any student enrolled in an engineering programme at École des Ponts ParisTech may undertake a non-degree study period within the framework of the Erasmus+ agreements or other cooperation agreements signed by the School.

These mobilities have three modalities :

  • 1 semester of courses 
  • 2 semesters of courses
  • 1 semester of courses followed by the End-of-Study Project.

They can be carried out in the 1st year (spring semester), the 2nd year (spring semester) or during the 3rd year.

Within the framework of Erasmus+ exchange agreements, the credits obtained at the host university are transferable, which allow students to validate part of his/her academic obligations at École des Ponts ParisTech.

Practical information

EELISA mobility

Are you ready to study abroad, delve into different cultures, and expand your network in multilingual and diverse environments? Then, you are ready for some EELISA Mobility. This mobility, -either traditional, hybrid or digital- , will make you eligible for the EELISA Recognition formats such as the EELISA Supplement or the EELISA Credential when linked to the learning experiences offered by the EELISA Communities.

Whether you are willing to get on the move or you are an international student already landed in one of the EELISA universities, here you will find a list of the representatives ready to give you guidance and support: