Donations and Sponsorship

By making donations for training or research activities in higher education, the foundation can allocate these resources to fields in which it has a legitimate interest relating to its business.

Companies that pay income or corporation tax are entitled to a 60% tax deduction on the amount of their donation, up to a ceiling of 0.005% (five thousandths) of their annual revenues.

To support the School financially in this way, the donation can be paid:

  • either directly to the School, which is authorized to receive them
  • or to Fondation des Ponts, which exists primarily to support the development of the School


The Fondation des Ponts exists to contribute to the School’s national and international impact by developing relations with public and private companies, in particular with the aim of adapting the training and research conducted by the School to the needs of the national and world economy.

The purpose of the Foundation:

  • to develop national and international exchanges between the School and the corporate sector,
  • to support training and research activities by funding teaching chairs or scholarships,
  • to develop scientific, technical and management information,
  • to support training internships, particularly abroad,
  • to offer scientific and technical skills for innovation or start-up projects,
  • to manage funds, buildings, and residences associated with its founding purpose,
  • to manage funds that it may receive in the form of donations, legacies, or payments,
  • to sponsor professional, cultural, and scientific events.

The Foundation primarily works through the following methods: newsletters, publications, articles, lectures, conferences, exhibitions, scholarships, loans, allocations, competitions, prizes and awards, aid, subsidies, and all other means that may seem consistent with its role as a public utility body and most effective in achieving its public interest objectives.