Humanities and Social Sciences

The Humanities and Social Sciences Department offers all students enrolled in the curriculum of engineering courses in different fields such as epistemology, sociology, history of science, or philosophy.


A grounding in the humanities and social sciences not only helps engineers to improve their understanding of the complexity of social relations, but also to gain a spatiotemporal perspective on events through an understanding of other cultures. These introductory courses are inseparable from the managerial concerns that future engineers will face. In addition, by broadening the mind they develop the capacity to innovate and to adapt to new challenges.

Humanities and social sciences for engineering students

  • In the first year, the program includes a module of introduction to the humanities and social sciences, which is compulsory and common to the whole year group, together with a course in communication.
  • In the second year, apart from an introduction to law which is compulsory, every engineering student must choose at least one humanities and social sciences module (to find out the precise requirements, refer to the welcome booklet for your category). The humanities and social science modules are open as options to third-year students.


Président : Gilles Jeannot

Inspectrice des études : Laurence Dodin