Legacy & Heritage

The team of the "heritage and archives" division is in charge of the description, conservation and promotion of the heritage collections. It is also responsible for the cataloguing, management and conservation of the archives and heritage belonging to the School and on deposit at the School.

History of our collections 

The origin of the collections dates back to the 18th century, thanks to donations from Jean-Rodolphe Perronet, the  first director of the School, by Pierre-Charles Lesage, director of studies, and by Gaspard Riche de Prony. They also include scientific and technical books from the 16th-18th centuries, some seized during the revolutionary period and others from miscellaneous donations.

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OURS services

Our team offers consultation of physical documents by appointment, reproduction/digitization of documents on request, assistance in your research on documents or collections kept by the school (especially on research on individuals) and the possibility of contributing to the restoration or digitization of precious documents by making a donation.

Explore the 15,000 digitized documents of the École nationale des ponts et chaussées and search for a document in all the collections of the old and archival funds on heritage.ecoledesponts.fr    

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