Years 2 and 3

At the end of your 1st year, or when you arrive in 2nd year or FCI, you will have to choose one of the programs offered by the faculty departments. Whatever program you choose, you will qualify as an engineering graduate of École nationale des ponts et chaussées.

In year 2, students choose one of the six curricula provided by the School’s specialist departments (Masters program)

  • Civil and Structural Engineering
  • City, Environment, Transportation
  • Mechanical Engineering and Materials Science
  • Industrial Engineering
  • Economics, Management, Finance
  • Applied Mathematics and Computer Science

In Year 3, students complete an End of Course Project on a scientific or technical problem, using the skills acquired during their studies, in a company, or in a laboratory.

Variants on the 3rd Year program

The possibilities differ from one category to another. In any case, it is only possible to follow a third-year program outside the School if you have met certain educational requirements (specified in your welcome booklet) and obtained the agreement of the Chairman of your Department, who is responsible for guaranteeing the consistency of your studies.

Masters degree

The School offers students who joined the engineering curriculum in the 1st 2nd year the possibility of training through research, where they can acquire the methods and tools of research, in addition to the skills acquired through the engineering curriculum. Research Masters are organized in cooperation with the School’s laboratories and other academic partners, universities or grandes écoles that cover complementary disciplinary fields. In this way, the student obtains 2 degrees and can go on to a PhD.

École des Ponts Business School

Open to 1st year students, the MBA programs taught at École des Ponts Business School, and delivered jointly with the Solvay Brussels School of economics & Management, offer a way of developing twin skills. Highly international, the year groups consists of 90% students from outside France. Classes are taught entirely in English by professors from universities of worldwide repute. Paris at École des Ponts

In the 3rd year, students have the option to follow the ME310 program run by Paris at École des Ponts, using the discipline of “design thinking”, which focuses on finding concrete solutions to real-world problems. The aim is to design the next generations of products or services for companies. Projects are carried out by multidisciplinary and international student teams in partnership with Stanford University and its network.

Course programs in other educational institutions

These possibilities are available to engineering students who have already spent two years in higher education at the School.

International double degrees

The School’s agreements with its international partners, under which it can recruit foreign students, also offer engineering students the possibility of additional training, a double degree, and international experience.

A year of education abroad outside the double degree arrangements

Students can pursue a personal training plan in a foreign university (Europe, Canada, USA, Australia, Japan), whether through an exchange lasting one or two semesters, or a degree program. The reputation of the School and the caliber of students who have already followed programs of this kind, put engineering students in an excellent position to apply successfully to prestigious universities.

ParisTech Schools

Within the framework of the ParisTech network of schools, students can spend their 3rd year in another member School to fit in with their educational plans.

Collège des ingénieurs

Set up in 1986, with the support of École des Ponts ParisTech, the Collège des ingénieurs provides training in management through an alternating weekly system of classes and company-based project work. Engineering students and military engineering students have the option of joining this course as a third year program.

HEC Paris

École des Ponts ParisTech has signed a double curriculum agreement with HEC Paris, which allows selected students to obtain degrees from both institutions through an additional 2 years of study.

Sciences Po Paris

Certain Masters programs at Sciences Po Paris are available to engineering students as an alternative to their 3rd year; this arrangement, involving an additional 2 years of study, is an opportunity to develop skills that enable engineers to work on social and societal issues.

INSTN (National Institute of Nuclear Sciences and Technologies)

In their 3rd year, students can attend this establishment to prepare for a specialist engineering degree in atomic engineering.

IFP School

To  specialize in oil-related fields such as operations, production, refining, petrochemicals, engines.

École Normale supérieure

At the end of their 2nd year, students have the possibility of taking the examination to enter the École Normale supérieure de Cachan, or to be admitted on application; this option is aimed at students interested in learning through research in fields associated with those of the School, or wanting to take the examination to become university teachers.


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