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Year 1 of the engineering program

Immersion placement in an operational role

Duration: This is a four-week job placement, which takes place at the end of the first year, with the aim of:

  • Giving students experience of the working world in an operational role
  • Giving students a glimpse of the managerial and social organization of the working world
  • Giving students a taste of expressing their ideas in different contexts and to different people

Year 2 of the engineering program

Students are required to complete a company or laboratory internship between the 2nd and 3rd years of their degree program.

Professional experience or initiation to research, depending which 3rd year option they have chosen.


Duration: 3 months June-August

Objectives of the short internship 

To learn about the engineering profession and acquire professional experience on a functional project, by applying their academic knowledge and developing new skills for a minimum of 12 weeks.


Duration: 10 months starting in June

This can replace a short company internship, running from June for a minimum of 10 months in the same company abroad, or in two different structures in France. This internship gives students the opportunity of fulfilling the role of a novice engineer and discovering a business sector.


Duration:  3 months, June-August

Aims and objectives: The purpose of the scientific internship is initiation to research. Spending 12 weeks in a laboratory, the intern will encounter problems that have not been solved and discover methods for solving them, analyzing them, and commenting on the results. The intern takes part in a team’s research work, is involved in tackling a subject, and produces results. This internship makes the link between the engineering program and the research profession. It takes place in public or private laboratories and research centers, either in France or abroad.

Year 3 of the engineering program and Masters

End of course project (4 to 6 months)

Students join a company or laboratory to apply their scientific and technical knowledge to solving a real-world problem, while preparing to enter the world of work.

Mastères Spécialisés® (Advanced Masters)

Professional assignment (4 to 6 months with possibility of alternating with work)

Pursuing a subject in depth and implementing analytical and conceptual capacities within a professional context.


Legislation and agreement

Internships offered within the context of an engineering degree or Mastère Spécialisé® (Advanced Masters) program are an integral part of an educational curriculum.

The School allows students on the engineering program to undertake additional internships if justified by their educational needs. All these internships are covered by a three-way internship agreement between the host organization, the student intern, and the learning institution. This agreement sets out the relations between the parties and is binding on the signatories.

In any internship lasting more than two months the intern is entitled to remuneration. This amount is set at 15 % of the hourly social security ceiling for public service internships. This is a minimum amount for private entities.

Practical information 

For information relating to internships: 

  • Valérie Joly  +33 (0)1 64 15 39 77

For information about the Year 3 end of course project: 

For any information on the professional function of the Mastères Spécialisés® (Executive Masters)  programs: 

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