École des Ponts business school

 Since 1987, École des Ponts Business School has been helping executives transform themselves and lead business transformation.


The School has never wanted to be a business school like any other. Its founder, Celia Russo, had a mission to promote awareness and global interconnectedness by linking educational communities around the world. Today, the 7,000 graduates of École des Ponts Business School form a global network of experts, entrepreneurs and decision-makers who strive to have a positive impact on the world.

The School's originality lies in inviting professors - from the best universities from around the world - who offer a fresh perspective on their discipline. This cultural diversity and pioneering spirit have forged the reputation of its MBA and DBA programs, which are now offered in Paris, Casablanca, Shanghai and Beijing. Qualiopi-certified for professional training and validation of prior learning, and accredited by AMBA for 25 years - the prestigious international association of MBAs - the business school shares its alma mater’s model of excellence.


Staying abreast of pedagogical and managerial innovations and contributing to the progress of the business community is an imperative for the School. Research is organized across five centers dedicated to improving not only the performance of companies, but also their impact on their social and ecological environment:

  • The Circular Economy Research Center (CERC)
  • The UNESCO Chair for the Future of Finance (FAST)
  • The Center for Advanced Leadership (CAL)
  • The Center for Policy & Competitiveness (CPC-Paris)
  • The Center for Advanced Studies & Expertise for Africa (CASE-Africa)


Ranked 39th in the world by The Economist, the LeadTech Executive MBA program focuses on leadership and innovation in a context of globalized digital transformation. In partnership with EADA Business School (Barcelona), we have decided to rethink our Global Executive MBA program. The program is based on a format of one residential week every two months, alternating between Paris and Barcelona. Each residential week requires executives to participate in challenges offered by partner companies. This methodology allows participants to reinforce their learning through real-life cases.


The Executive DBA is designed for seasoned executives who wish to structure the knowledge and expertise they have acquired throughout their career. The program is conveniently organized across 4 residential sessions. During these sessions, participants will get hold of the doctoral research methodology to develop articles and case studies. In addition, participants are encouraged to refine their research topics through dedicated "learning labs". Companies can support their employees in this applied research process.


An increasing number of companies are gaining awareness of their impact on climate and are transitioning toward carbon neutrality. To lead this change, they need people at all levels who master the principles and skills of the circular economy. Our certifications focus on the transformation pathway needed to successfully implement a circular economy, for professionals as well as for public or private organizations. With 100% online modules and multiple levels of certifications, you progress at your own pace and with your own goals.

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The challenges we face today as individuals, leaders, teams and organizations are adaptive in nature: they require a deeper understanding of complexity, contradictions, tensions and ambiguities.

Living Labs

When we design bespoke programs with our clients, the starting point is collective intelligence. Transformation can happen when it is nurtured by intense collaboration and the ability to explore multiple layers of reality, divergent perspectives, imperfect (and often absent) data, divergent needs and objectives.

Inspired by leading practices from around the world (UNESCO's Future Literacy, MIT's Theory U, Harvard Business School's Adaptive Leadership, etc.) and facilitated by world-class practitioners, our living labs go beyond traditional workshops and their classic problem-solving methodologies. Whether it's a leadership lab, an innovation lab, a foresight lab or a sense-making lab... whatever the theme, each lab is unique and responds to a specific challenge.

Talent and leadership development

How do you prepare your talent for a future in which most of the jobs you are training for do not exist today? What does it mean to be a manager in a context where most of our work is done across traditional hierarchical lines? What does it mean to be a socially responsible corporation in the face of global challenges such as climate change, mass migrations, even war?

We create programs that embrace this knotty reality in which there are no ready-made solutions. In fact, the cookie-cutter, “roll-out the latest best-practice approach” is part of the problem. We believe in going back to basics: how do we learn and grow as adults?

Our talent and leadership development programs focus on the difficult work of fostering a learning mindset through which participants can grow as individuals and learn how to reconcile ambiguity and decision-making, complexity and the necessity to simplify for better execution, leadership and uncertainty, the imperative to innovate and our inclination to trust experience.

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