The other languages


Italian is a language of culture, musical, colorful, rich, and joyful. Everyone knows at least a few words of Italian.
It is also a language that can be assimilated quite quickly, if studied seriously and rigorously.
With conscientious commitment to their work, students who start Italian should be able to speak without major difficulty by the end of their time at the School.
A knowledge of Italian can also be a useful asset in the search for employment, compared with a more traditional profile.

External certification

Students who wish to do so have the possibility of taking the CELI  and CILS examinations at the Italian Cultural Institute in Paris, certifications in Italian as a foreign language. These qualifications are issued by the Universities of Perugia and Siena. 


With 900 million speakers around the world, Mandarin Chinese is the language spoken by the largest number of people in the world. Chinese is taught inthe Schoo  l at beginner and intermediate levels.


Japanese is spoken by Japan’s 127 million inhabitants, making it the sixth most widely spoken language in the world.