School Council

The School Council elects its chairman for a renewable term of three years, from the three qualified individuals appointed under the aegis of MEDDTL (Ministry of Ecology, Sustainable Development, Transportation, and the Sea).

Chairman of the School Council
•    Jacques TAVERNIER, President of USIRF

Ex officio members
•    Simone BONNAFOUS, Director of Higher Education and Professional Integration at the Ministry of Higher Education and Research (MESR), represented by Alain BERNARD
•    Roger GENET, Director of Research and Innovation at the MESR,  represented by Philippe TOUSSAINT
•    Régine ENGSTRÖM, Secretary-General of the Ministry of the Environment, Energy, and the Sea, and the Ministry of Housing and Sustainable Habitat.
•    Anne-Marie LEVRAUT, Vice-President of the General Council for the Environment and Sustainable Development, MEEM.
•    Serge BOSSINI, Director of Research and Innovation at the Ministry of the Environment, Energy , and the Sea (MEEM), represented by Jean-Philippe TORTEROTOT.

Qualified individuals
•    François BERTIÈRE, President and CEO of Bouygues Immobilier, Chairman of Fondation des Ponts.
•    Diane d’ARRAS, Deputy CEO of Eau Europe Suez Environnement.
•    Muriel JOUGLEUX, Professor of Management, Director of IAE Gustave Eiffel Upem, Vice-President of Évolutions Institutionnelles Upem.
•    Gerhard MÜLLER, Dean of the Civil Engineering Faculty at Munich University of Technology.
•    Élisabeth BORNE, President and CEO of RATP.
•    Philippe CHOTARD, Secretary-General of the City of Paris.

School Alumni Association
•    Michèle CYNA, Chairman and CEO of Burgeap.
•    Olivier DUPONT, President of the Board of Directors of Demeter Partners.

Elected representatives
•    Representatives of the professorial corps: Alain EHRLACHER, Tony LELIÈVRE, Dominique JACQUET
•    Representatives of other teaching and research personnel; Émeric FORTIN, Matthieu VANDAMME, Jean-Michel PEREIRA
•    Student representatives: Paul GRÉAUME (substitute: Valentine LOUIS-LUCAS), Antoine PELLETIER, Marie-Sandrine RAMIN 
•    Representative of the School’s administrative and technical personnel: Thibaut SKRZYPEK