Societal engagement

Keen to respond to the challenges of its time, the School has for many years been committed to sustainable development and social engagement.

  • Sustainable development

    École des Ponts ParisTech regularly evaluates its sustainable development and social responsibility practices (SD&SR), on the basis of the Loi Grenelle criteria proposed by the Conferences of Grandes Écoles Conference and of University Presidents. A level of self-assessment and an action plan have been set for each set of criteria.
  • Societal links

    École des Ponts ParisTech is involved in several forms of societal engagement. In 2009, for example, it initiated a tutorship program called the “Expérience Ouverture” with several local schools. In addition, every year it takes part in the national Cordées de la Réussite initiative as head of the Gershwin rope with Académie de Créteil. Every year, the students run the programme to support high school and college students on their path to higher education.