Teaching and Research Council

The membership and operating procedures of the Teaching and Research Council are set by the internal rules.


This council is consulted on:
•    the organization of teaching programs and research activities within the framework of the general priorities set by the School Council;
•    the procedures for recruiting students, interns, and auditors;
•    course certification, prizes, and scholarships awarded to students;
•    academic regulations;
•    the procedures for appointing teachers.

Members of the Teaching and Research Council 2016-2017

Chaired by the Director of the School, the membership of the TRC is equally divided between members of the School’s management, representatives of the teaching and research staff, and student representatives. It is made up of 24 members:

4 representatives from the School’s management
•    Sophie MOUGARD, Director of the School,
•    Gilles ROBIN, Deputy Director of the School,
•    Marie MATHIEU PRUVOST, Director of Education,
•    Françoise PRETEUX, Director of Research.

4 members appointed by the Director (term ends 10/01/2018)
•    Céline BONHOMME
•    Jean-François DELMAS
•    Alain EHRLACHER
•    Catherine GOUTTE

8 representatives from the professorial corps, faculty, and researchers 
4 from the Professorial Chapter:
•    Denis DUHAMEL. Substitute: Jean SULEM
•    Jörg ESCHENAUER. Substitute: François CHEVOIR
•    Bernard LAPEYRE. Substitute: Jean-Philippe CHANCELIER
•    Michel NAKHLA. Substitute: Fabrice BONNEAU

4 from the faculty chapter:  
•    Sébastien BRISARD. Substitute: Virginie ERLACHER
•    Cyril DOUTHE. Substitute: Ioannis STEFANOU
•    Martin SEIDL. Substitute: Brigitte VINCON-LEITE
•    Annick VIGNES. Substitute: Vincent SPENLEHAUER

8 student representatives 
► 4 from Chapter No. 1

•    Emma HORRUT. Substitute: Frédéric MARTIN
•    Michaël KARPE. Substitute: Marie HEURTEVENT
•    Mathieu TOUTLEMONT. Substitute: Louise FOURNON
•    Ambroise VERNEY. Substitute: Diane PUGES

2 from Chapter No. 2
•    Gabrielle KOEHL. Substitute: Antoine PELLETIER
•     -                                            Substitute: -

► 2 from Chapter No. 3
•    Amine CHAKIR. Substitute: Marie-Sandrine RAMIN
•    Tongzhou ZHAO - Substitute: Mohamed Ali RAHMANI