Career, network, employment

Almost 86% of graduates have already found their first job before leaving the School, essentially through their company internships or end of course project, but also by drawing on the School’s extensive network.

Hired less than one month after leaving the School

A graduate of the School is someone whose education exceeds the requirements of their first job, and is hired for their potential. Ponts engineers move quickly into roles heading big projects, managing functional or production units, or as experts or in senior management. Working graduates are hired to become senior executives across all sectors of the economy.

A variety of roles in numerous sectors of activity

  • design engineer, works engineer, project manager, researcher, consultant, supply chain manager, financial analyst, auditor, risk manager
  • in civil engineering firms, transportation firms, in energy and the environment,
  • in the aerospace, materials, and luxury goods industries,
  • in the consultancy, banking, insurance, and logistics sectors
  • in design offices, local authorities, planning departments, international bodies.

Average gross annual starting salary in France:

  • excluding variable component: €42,800
  • including variable component: €51,600

2019 survey of graduates in the 2018 year group (excluding public service)

Employment opportunities

The close synergies between the School’s Education Department and Ponts Alliance, the École des Ponts ParisTech Alumni Association, facilitates the search for a job during and after training. They compile offers from all business sectors and help students to prepare for their entry into the labor market by providing a “careers program”: a range of dedicated interventions to help students find internships and jobs, and support them in their personal development and dealings with professionals.