Since January 1, 1994, École des Ponts ParisTech has been officially recognized in France as a public scientific, cultural, and professional institution (EPSCP), accountable to the Ministry of the Environment, Energy, and the Sea (MEEM). This legal status allows it to foster initiatives that encourage dynamic development.

The School Council

The School is administered by a School Council, made up of 24 members :

Six ex officio members:

  • The Vice-President of the General Council of the Environment and Sustainable Development, who performs the role of deputy chairman, or his or her representative;
  • The Director of Personnel at the Ministry responsible for the development of the site, or his or her representative;
  • The Director of Research at the Ministry responsible for the development of the site, or his or her representative;
  • The Director of Higher Education at the Ministry of Higher Education, or his or her representative,
  • The Director of Research at the Ministry Responsible for Research, or his or her representative.

Nine qualified individuals, recognized for their competence in the spheres of ecology, infrastructure, spatial planning and development, urban planning and construction, transportation and its infrastructure, energy and climate, industry, economics,  and the environment, appointed by ministerial order, of whom three are proposed by the School Council and two by the Alumni Association;

Ten elected representatives, comprising:

  • Six representatives of the teaching and research personnel;
  • Three student representatives;
  • One representative of the School’s administrative and technical personnel.

The consultative councils

The School has two consultative councils:

The Teaching and Research Council, chaired by the Director of the School, has 8 members from the school’s management, 8 representatives of the teaching and research staff, and 8 student representatives. This structure is consulted on the organization of teaching and research activities within the framework of the general priorities set by the School Council, on the methods for recruiting students, interns, and auditors, on certification, on the prizes and scholarships awarded to students, on academic regulations, and on the conditions for teacher appointments.
The Scientific Council consists of twenty individuals appointed for their research expertise in the School’s disciplines. This body has the task of making proposals to the School Council on priorities for scientific policy. It may be consulted on any issue relating to the performance of the laboratories and PhD programs. The Director of the School and the Director of Research attend meetings of this council.




The cooperation structures

École des Ponts ParisTech is a member of:

  • ParisTech Développement, the Paris Institute of Science and Technology, is tasked with developing the reputation of higher education in Europe and around the world, and in particular the training of engineers.
  • Within a single interdisciplinary unit, Université Paris-Est includes general, technological, and vocational research and education.
  • École d’Économie de Paris, foundation for scientific cooperation.