Advanced Master in Advanced Public Action Morocco (MAPA-M)


From Jules Dupuit and his pioneering work in public economics, to Jean Tirole and his findings on the economics of the common good, École des Ponts ParisTech has been recognized for its expertise in public action. MAPA-M draws on this expertise and on UM6P’s desire to share it with senior executives in Morocco and in Africa, whether in the public or private sector.   In Africa and for Africa, UM6P combines research and education for the sustainable development of the continent. Programs to meet these challenges have therefore been developed with prestigious academic partners. Within this framework, public action is a priority.


Additional skills for participants, a springboard to positions of high responsibility in the following domains:

  • socio-economic assessment, rural development, spatial planning;
  • Environment, transportation, energy, housing, agriculture, sustainable city, meteorology, water, sea.

It combines academic and vocational education, group work, and a field assignment directly at the coalface of public action.

STRENGTHS of the program

  • Fundamental core principles: collaboration, responsibility, diversity, ethics, scientific rigor;
  • A sandwich format allowing participants to remain in employment;
  • A program resolutely focused on priorities that are crucial to Africa;
  • Prestigious contributors from the academic, political, institutional, and corporate worlds;
  • Interactive, multidisciplinary, and interdisciplinary pedagogy.

Skills acquired      

  • The ability to tackle issues of Public Action, where knowledge and methodologies are in constant flux;
  • Developing a culture of evaluation, a condition for effective public intervention;
  • The ability to connect scales of action from the local to the international through familiarization with all levels;
  • The ability to inform and communicate with all stakeholders.

Career prospects

The skills acquired will help you to aspire to positions as managers, directors, advisers, or experts in administrations, large companies, or planning and research structures, whether nationally or in international institutions.

Job opportunities

Following the MS, you will be able to operate in the following roles:

  • Implementation and management of public policies;
  • Representing government at national or international level;
  • Local development;
  • Management in an urban environment;
  • Administrative and financial leadership in large companies or public institutions;
  • Consultancy in business organization and management;
  • Socio-economic planning and forecasting.


Admission and further information

The Advanced Public Action Morocco Mastère Spécialisé® is taught in French. For further information and to apply online, please go to our French language website.