Advanced Master in Public Policies and Actions for Sustainable Development


The two ministries responsible for architecture and ecology asked AgroParisTech and École des Ponts ParisTech to provide a course that would meet their needs for senior managers capable of acting in public policies and action on sustainable development issues.

The MS PAPDD is taught at École des Ponts ParisTech, in Champs-sur-Marne, and at AgroParisTech, in Paris.


The program seeks to achieve the following main objectives:

  • To develop a transversal analytical framework cutting across different socio-economic systems,
  • To develop familiarity with the different scales of action: local, national, European, global,
  • To develop a culture of evaluation as a fundamental condition of the shift to greater sustainability in public action.


Sustainable development, in its 3 components – economic, social, and ecological – is at the heart of the learning program.

The key principles are:

  • To organize the work of students from different disciplines into mixed groups for better assimilation and pooling of knowledge and know-how.
  • To foster learning based on alternation between academic, theoretical, and practical teaching.
  • To place students in a professional context through commissioned group work and a field assignment in France or abroad.

The course also seeks to develop autonomy and a sense of responsibility.

Skills acquired

On completing the program, students are capable of:

  • Devising, assessing, and implementing public policies;
  • Managing public action, through the acquisition of knowledge in the main sectors covered by the two ministries;
  • Managing and communicating on complex projects or situations;
  • Working autonomously in different environments.

Career Opportunities

Whether they work for the state (central departments or decentralized services such as public establishments, agencies, and operators), for regional or local authorities or companies, in the course of their careers IPEF engineers can act in a number of roles:

  • project manager or coordinator with operational responsibility for change, capable of launching, implementing, or managing projects of different kinds (planning and development, mediation, evaluation, management…); 
  • senior executives trained to incorporate different scientific fields into public action;
  • scientific expert trained through research, capable of generating knowledge and also analyzing and summarizing scientific proposals;
  • director of a structure or institution responsible for devising and managing public policy based on a scientific approach and innovation.

They will be encouraged to advance in their careers:

  • manager, then senior executive, then director;
  • researcher, then senior expert, or executive functions referred to above;
  • regulator within independent administrative authorities (energy, transport…).


This Advanced Masters | Mastère Spécialisé® in Public Policies and Actions for Sustainable Development is entirely taught through French. 
For more information and to apply, please visit our French website