Masters in Transport and Sustainable Development (TraDD)

Transportation systems constitute one of the fundamental pillars of a model of sustainable societal development. Indeed they play a role in structuring human geography, have an impact on the global or local environment and stand at the heart of the development of economic and social systems.

Planning and development, urban segregation, security problems, congestion, local atmospheric pollution, the greenhouse effect, the explosion in demand for mobility, are all challenges that 21st-century engineers face. In response, since 2004, École des Ponts ParisTech and École Polytechnique have proposed the national Masters degree in “Transport and Sustainable Development”.


To train future global executives responsible for the planning and design of vehicles, transportation systems and mobility services in the issues of sustainable development, the Masters mobilizes a wide range of specialist spheres (engineering, economics, planning) and specific tools (modelling, institution analysis, management) for:

  • a good understanding and model of the real determinants of transportation demand (freight and passenger);
  • determining the appropriate domains of the different transportation modes or modal combinations;
  • identifying, structuring and implementing technological, organizational and behavioral solutions to provide credible operational responses to the challenges of sustainable transportation;
  • managing cross-cultural factors;
  • supporting private and public actors in the development of a range of innovative and relevant mobility services.


6 good reasons for doing the Masters 

  • A program that combines engineering, social sciences, and management, to provide appropriate solutions for complex problems;
  • A highly international framework that offers the opportunity both to develop skills in intercultural management and to work on the priorities and solutions of sustainable transportation in context;
  • A strong link with the working world, a 6-month internship within a French company or institution;
  • A pedagogical approach founded in frontline innovative research into sustainable cities, energy, materials, environmental economics, sustainable management…;
  • A degree taught by three of the best “Grandes Écoles” in the field of engineering, offering a guarantee of high quality and individual student support;
  • Ah, Paris!


This degree opens up career opportunities abroad or in France within national or international companies or organizations, or in national, regional, and local government, in the following roles: 
•    Designing sustainable vehicles and mobility services
•    Operating transit infrastructures or services
•    Planning, developing, marketing, regulating transit networks
•    Auditing or managing sustainable development policy for a company or institution


This Masters degree trains engineers, managers, and decision-makers in sustainable methods of governance. It opens the way to national or international careers in all sectors where there is a strong interface with transit  systems: 
•    Transportation infrastructure companies and major transportation network operators
•    Service firms: urban transit operators, new private mobility operators (Vinci Parc, Bolloré, Google,...)
•    International organizations: OECD, World Bank, AIE, CE, PNUE,...
•    National, regional, and municipal government
•    Engineering design offices and consultancies specializing in planning and development, urban design, transportation infrastructure management.