Masters in Nuclear Energy, Decommissioning and Waste Management Specialty

The Masters program in “Nuclear Energy” reflects the strong international revival of interest in nuclear power. Its goal is to give high-level students from France and abroad a grounding in the main skills required by the nuclear industry, and also to prepare students for research. The originality of this program is that it provides training that covers all the fields associated with nuclear energy.

École des Ponts ParisTech is in charge of the specialist module on “decommissioning and waste management”.


This program provides the necessary knowledge relating to the decommissioning of old nuclear power stations and the management of waste. It also covers all the measures designed to protect people and the environment associated with these activities.

Career Opportunities

This specialism provides job opportunities in fields associated firstly with the management and treatment of radioactive waste, and secondly with the decommissioning of nuclear installations of all kinds.

This specialism notably provides openings such as:

  • Engineering design, with a particular focus on the nature and phasing of decommissioning operations, or the design of waste storage facilities.
  • Production engineering, with responsibility for conducting and monitoring on-site operations.
  • Engineering related to the operation of waste storage facilities.

The employers in these domains are notably:

  • Operators of nuclear power stations (such as EDF, GDF SUEZ, …) or other nuclear installations (AREVA,…), both in France and abroad, who are responsible for decommissioning their facilities.
  • Bodies responsible for waste management and storage, both in France and abroad (e.g. ANDRA in France)
  • Industrial enterprises, large and small firms, which carry out decommissioning operations or work associated with waste storage.

Academic partners

This Masters program draws on the expertise of major academic structures in the Paris region:

  • Université Paris-Sud 11, which provides a strong grounding in fundamental and applied physics, with a recognized focus on nuclear physics and energy physics.
  • The ParisTech schools, whose teaching and research activities in the sphere of energy cover most of the fields (hydrocarbons, nuclear, renewable energy, energy efficiency, storage, economics…).
  • École Centrale Paris and Supélec, which train general engineers and have contributed very significantly to the development of nuclear power in France and abroad for the last half-century.
  • INSTN, which is a major player in all training programs associated with industry and nuclear applications.